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RVA’s Finest: Kizzi Henderson And REPNVA

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I must say, when it comes to hard work and dedication, Kizzi Henderson is the first person I think of. Her radio station, REPNVA, is proof that radio isn’t just something you hear over the airways, it’s something that is so influencial that it forcefully impacts the community and has caused a major media movement.

What is REPNVA iRadio ?

REPNVA iRadio is a world wide station that directly touches the people. Whether it’s indie artists you know (or should know!), businesses, authors, up-and coming talent , or just plain good music, you’ll hear it all on REPNVA. We bring you the best in entertainment whether it’s the latest gossip, hot topics, sports, or music. REPNVA was founded in October 2010 by Kizzi and her husband Anthony. Kizzi also have her own talk show REPNVA with your girl Kizzi on the station.

Mission Statement

To give indie artist, authors, businesses, etc. a chance to reach out to the community to tell about their craft and to empower themselves through music, their talent and interviews.


REPNVA would be dedicated to serving young people and adults who aspire to become recording artist, business owners, or just successful in any field of their choosing and who wish to work on attaining their dreams.

1) To give youth and adults a chance to have their voice heard thru radio and promotions

2) To give youth and adults performing and non-performing in the community the opportunity to be recognized for their talents and to put them to good use.

My interview with Kizzi has given me the inspiration for me to pursue bigger and better things and not to limit myself to just the city of Richmond. Hit the break for the exclusive on Kizzi and REPNVA iRadio!

What or who inspired you to open your own radio station?

To make a long story short I started doing radio a few years ago with another lady we decided to do our on thing and instead of me bringing the show to another studio I decided to go a step above that and open up my own station that way i can give other people the opportunity to have their voice heard.

Where there any obstacles you had to overcome when you started?

Of course like all businesses lol. Jumping into this I had no idea what I was doing all I knew was how to do my own show, I had no idea how to run a business I just knew this is what I wanted to do. There are so many obstacles I had to overcome starting REPNVA, from financial issues to new shows coming and going, but it’s all in growing and establishing your brand you have to go through the obstacles in order to grow.

Do you think women get the respect they deserve in the radio business?

I would have to say no and that’s why I’m working so hard to prove myself and build my brand. Some people don’t take women seriously so I have to come correct with whatever I do to let them know I’m serious and passionate about what I do. I’m working twice as hard to make my name known.

What motivates you to continue to do what you do when obstacles come your way?

What motivates me to keep going I have to say my kids and the people who I’m helping the businesses, indie artist, authors, and the list goes on. My kids and my husband keep me grounded they are always there tagging along for support. I do a lot of interviews with people and when they leave with a smile on their face or call or email me saying I made a difference in their lives and inspired them that’s a feeling that is so unbelievable I can’t stop, I have to keep going for the people who look up to me and lives that I’m changing I had someone reach out to me who was being abused who was listening to my show one day and it encouraged her to seek help. That right there is priceless to know I have an impact on so many people’s lives their my motivation.

In your bio it says you are a photographer, graphic designer, and plus size model?

Yes that is correct. …I’m just doing me and what I love to do. I always loved posing for the camera and smiling so that’s where the modeling came from but I just recently started taking it seriously. My husband and I started doing photography together back in 2006 we started out just helping family out at their wedding but when we noticed we was actually good at it we started our on business called TruStory Photography and we have grown since then to doing graphics as well as t-shirts. So if you ever need any pics or graphic work done you know who to come to we do everything from business cards, flyers, cd covers and more.

What is your most memorable experience you have had in your business.

This might sound a lil crazy lol but I would have to say opening up a bigger studio. When I started REPNVA I was in this little office that set about 4 chairs. When I look back at where I started from and where I’m at now it is truly a blessing.

Tell me about your current projects and any upcoming projects you may have?

“Simply From The Soul” October 5th 6pm-9pm at Uptown Lounge 207 W. Braod Street

“Our Time 2 Shine” Talent Showcase October 18th 6pm-10pm

REPNVA R&B Indie Edition Vol. 1

Where can we see Kizzi and REPNVA in the next 5 years?

I see myself having my own network on SM Radio

Anything you want itsMyUrbantainment.com and the readers to know?

Yes, we are always looking for new host to join the REPNVA Fam and I am also looking for guest cohost for my show.

To contact Kizzi and REPNVA iRadio you can go to http://www.repnva.com, http://www.repnvairadio.com, or email her at info@repnva.com! Be sure to LIKE her Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/repnva and follow her on Twitter @Repnva and on Instagram: MrsRepnva.

I will say this has been a privilege and an honor. She is the prime example of how hard work definitely pays off!


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