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#LHHNY The Scoop On How Nya Lee Got Her Throat Sliced!

Is Vince Abusive To Tamar?

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For those of y’all watching Nya Lee on Love And Hip Hop, you’re probably wondering WHAT HAPPENED TO HER NECK. Well according to court records FOUR WOMEN jumped her inside a BRONX nightclub and sliced her throat.

But that’s only HALF the story. The other half, according to THE STREETS, is that Nya was talking to one of the girls BOYFRIEND. When the girl told Nya to stop – Nya AND THAT RECKLESS MOUTH OF HERS got cut.

Tells one person in the club that night TWO YEARS AGO, “[Nya] was talking REAL RECKLESS and one of the girls popped her in the neck. They gave her a COLOMBIAN NECKTIE.”

Nya supposedly underwent “plastic surgery” to try and stop the scar from becoming a KELOID. Unfortunately the procedure (assuming she even had one) was NOT a success.

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